Saturday, January 28, 2017

Later Delete

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I beg for Halal from teacher

Hello, welcome back. Wow so many month have past already.  O_O .
By the way this post is actually dedicate to all teacher. Greatest Teacher is
Thanks to all educators. Especially my instructor at the small and who never met once. . Teach, show direction and a place to share is not easy, especially getting students like me.
I would like to thank all of them.
I beg for halal all knowledge I've learned, forgive My sins if using rude language, & disobey.
I beg for halal and forgive me. 


Monday, March 16, 2015

Hopefully & Need a new Phone

Its been awhile
need you folks help. Im joining the competition Nips DIY

and hope that i would win because i need a new smart phone but couldn't have enough money to get one smart phone for the time being.

Hope you can Support me by clicking this Link below.

Reference Character

(As usual this is my favorite Tokusatsu series , Garo.)

Taken Photos (TBU - To be Upload)

Will update the  photo taken later ciao.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Whining about Stomach & Academic Calender

Greetings Everyone.

I'm back !! Ow my, my stomach hurts~~ Yaw~~. It seems like after i taste a few herbs leave it start effective now. Did you folks know Stevia Leaf. Afterwards, i will post about it. Since it has really long explanation and effect.

By the way, i almost forgot. Since, i decided to comeback and face the problem. I  decided to face the new semester, and study the academic for my trip plan.

Here are the UniKL MIIT Academic Calender.

Academic Calender 2014 - 2015

Full semester to face ~~~.

Short semester but i thinking not to take it and maybe not still thinking.

New Full Semester~~.

I think that is all for now. I got to go. NATURE CALL~~~~

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How-To Pay your UniKL Bills(Registration) via CIMB Clicks

Hi, I am back for the explanation as promised. Its been awhile i guess. so we start with this Interface Step.

if you understand above lets start.

Enter the registered account, and enter the password.

 After it successfully entered please go to navigation and click the Pay Tab. You will need to click the
 Pay>> Bills

Then an interface will be as below.

Note: In 2015, the new interface for this section has implemented. Due to that, user need to key-in the institute name . For example.

Later, please assign which account you would like to pay.
From :
To : UniKL (MICET/MIIT/BMI/MFI & .so on.)

 Then a pop-up will appear on you left/right hand side.

Fill the form with no mistake. Where to get this invoice No? Please go to Ecities  and follow all the step below. [Update 2017/1/24]

Check the ledgers that issue an invoice with print symbol.  
Pay only for the registration only since our Loan/Sponsor will pay the tuition fees.

The Invoice No is the blue one.
For my cases this is my invoice Number.


Note: in 2015, Once you fill it correctly. Then you need to submit the info by clicking the Submit Button. A new pop up will be appear. This pop up required you to fill your student ID. Do Correctly on this and no mistake, Do not enter your Friends Student ID. For example.

After that,  proceed by clicking the Submit button. A new interface will give all info that you entered. If you feel that it was wrong, you can always remove and re-do the all step above.
Here, the system follow as usual, Please request the TAC as usual and proceed the payment. 
Print Screen or Print the receipt of this transaction to appeal at the registration.