Friday, April 19, 2013

Its been awhile & Searching

Hi, welcome back to Bersantai ~_~Relaxing. Its been awhile i didn't post something from the past of few months. My life quite shock, trump, trunket & lousy. But i try manage to go out from it and here i am . i'm back to blogging. Anyway lately i'm into something new to me where i do want to make and jump into this industries known as Entertainment & Apps World. To me Apps world is something wasn't new but the technology to develop it, i will say yes. I will spending my time over this IOS world where only runable with apple product. 

The Second was Entertainment. I feel like more suitable in this world since i often hangout with folks who are in this industries and talk about it. Why not i try my luck in this and who knows i might me new film director of my self ? So the tool i will be using is
My Laptop (Mac book Pro)
A Camera
Later on, i still more in this such as some tool in processing which is a software for editing. i dunno where to start but i will try to use this kind of software first.

Final Cut Pro
Hand Brake
Itube Media
 Hopefully it will lead to success to reach my goal .

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