Thursday, December 13, 2012

Feeling Good in the morning. My new Soul mate serve Nasi Lemak.

Welcome back to Bersantai~_~Relaxing.

Lately quite busy and first of all about my Malaysian Software Testing Board. I Failed but my lovely dear said " please don't give up(she passed the exam actually), don't stress and smile."

That cases makes me lighten a bit the darkness site of my self, each day since 7/12/2012.
I love you my dear. Muah~~

Another thing is, each morning i got awake by her lovely voice and SMS & today she serve me Nasi Lemak 

(Thank you My Dear)

(So Big O  3O, Actually i'm full already.)

Will be back with opened Nasi Lemak post.
By the way, Nasi Lemak is Originally from Malaysia not Singapore. Sorry not offense just this morning i heard that Singaporean people (some people) claim to the AFC or channel that Nasi Lemak own by them.

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