Sunday, April 21, 2013

A week Before my Degree examination

Haaa finally after i continue at first degree semester now. Time are set to test my understanding what i learn during this 4 month + .
But before that as usual i will spend my release tension time with watching an anime (japanese animation) special Movie  One Piece x Dragon Ball x Toriko .
Below are some screenshot of the animation. 

Title of the movie, i guess.

No one want to hear a preach while eating, me neither . Thats why Toriko get, because Goku and Luffy keep eating make him like a invisible guy. 

At the final of story after they solve a big problem defeating abyss of what i got. It was a fish that keep stronger & stronger by absorbing energy.  They decide to combos together, at the end the victory are on their side and the feast was started. Enjoy the meat  that they won in their race.

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