Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shifting my diet .

Hi, welcome back to my Shelf. Sorry People, lately i have so many thing get done . Finally, feel relieve FUFFF.
By the way, i would like to share something that i gonna do (actually i already do it for a few month ago)

From the first of month i practice and do some on dieting from eating 1 meal per day now i eat 2 meal per day.
1st - 1 meal
eating at night only(cause i didn't really sleep at night )

2nd - 1 meal
eating 2 meal per day
     * Quaker Oat at morning
     *  Eat rice , chicken/fish/meat(a little bit), vegetable
     * Fruits at night only
     * No junk food.

 for today , after i check my weight now 140 kg will be back for this again.

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