Monday, December 23, 2013

Its been awhile and Cosplay Dash Yankuro

Hi, its been awhile that i don't back to blogging. Its been a tough work  since i lose faith, relationship and money.
Now i'm back to blogging hopefully that everyone help me in completing my future campaign.
By the way a few days ago , one of my best friend. Talk to me over something. Guess what? Its about Cosplay (Costume + Play)<<------- i="">please refer august 2010 post
if i am not mistake..
He said "Dude i want to tell you that we will bring a childhood past memories Dash Yankuro"
If you folks Dunno what Dash Yankuro is please >> click here <<.
Me " Wow that awesome".
and today he posted me the picture.
He "Here it is tada"

The First in Malaysia Dash Yankuro Team Cosplay
Aren't they awesome? Yes it is. Best of Cosplay i ever see.

With the above picture, it does help me cure my heart emptiness a little bit. Well i need to go now. See you folk with the next post. 

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